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The risks are hidden everywhere - There is no safer bet than safe risk management

Companies are subject to a variety of risks, depending on their business and size. In addition to economic risks, the loss of important customers or the entry of new competitors, legal risks, in particular through unknown breaches of the law, can lead to costly claims for damages. Not only investors, banks and the management level have a strategic interest in complete risk management during the audit. In particular, the legislature calls for comprehensive risk management and strengthens its requirements by increasing international and national regulations. Companies risk suffocating with the multitude of legal requirements for risk management.The situation is further aggravated by the fact that the current risks are characterized by their complexity, interconnectivity and rapid nature. Relevant information is not always available, which makes it difficult to analyze potential risks. As a result, there is often a lack of transparency regarding the current risk situation and there is no system for Citeste mai mult

Unforeseen situations - know the risks to be well prepared

The threat of risks is growing. Not only internal factors such as infringements due to lack of control bodies or failed audits are responsible, but also external factors such as the current economic and political situation, competitive intensity and changes in consumer behavior that are difficult to predict. In this context, it is important to consider any situation and assess possible crisis cases at an early stage. Additional information should be obtained and detailed risk analysis and risk assessments performed. In other words: under what circumstances can they occur, what dangers and what are the possible consequences for your company? Who is informed, when and how this is done, how we define responsibilities in case of emergency – all these factors can be planned calmly and carefully before the Citeste mai mult
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Protect your company with risk management software AutoJ-R

Our AutoJ-R Risk Management Tool provides comprehensive assistance in all stages of risk management and in meeting important regulatory requirements. Avoid creating endless Excel spreadsheets, instead focus on self-government, risk management and compliance. Use predefined forms to quickly capture and assess your risks. The risk catalog gives you an overview of all risks, risk categories, likelihood of occurrence and potential harm. The forms for registration and implementation of control ensure efficient management and an increased protection against risks. With our AutoJ-R risk management software, the chaos of your company’s email is a thing of the past. Thanks to automatic review and approval workflows, design and effectiveness tests are intelligently controlled. You receive automatic notifications and Citeste mai mult

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