Quality management

Smart companies don't just ask "what?" but also ask "how?"

Quality management for improved products and services can be the solution you are looking for to scale and streamline your business! 

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How can I ensure the quality of my products and services?

Like any other QM team, you will probably face this question at least once during your project. Of course, you can read about the requirements for the organizational quality management system, for example in the globally recognized series of ISO 9000 standards. ISO 9001 certification is as clear as it is useful: with quality management you will check the systems, structures, processes and performance in your organization. Mandatory creation of procedures, such as regular internal controls, ensures compliance with standards. This way, you make sure that the company you can achieve the desired quality of products and services. However, each company faces its own questions and challenges. Often there are no well-defined processes and structures on which an organization is built. Citeste mai mult

How do I manage to have efficient quality management?

Departments organize their tasks using documents. If it exists in any way, the management uses only graphic elements, for example PowerPoint. As a QM team, you maintain your KPIs manually using Excel tables. This – or something similar – is still in the daily routine of many companies. Fortunately, you can do this more efficiently today with smart QM software as a replacement for old semi-digitized systems. Automatically generated QM manuals and reports help bring the system into line with management standards and an audit system that is as simple and easy as possible. But how do you securely configure your digital QM system on a software platform? As a quality management representative, you must first identify all existing activities in the company before you can standardize them. You also need to identify the interfaces between your structures and processes to get an overview over the entire organization. In addition, you want easy interaction with the platform so that you can communicate the new instructions in a safe and clear way. With all these challenges, it is time to rely on a process-based quality management system.
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Quality management software based on “AutoJ QM” processes is the answer to your questions.

More and more companies are relying on processes as a starting point for their QM. Almost all the strengths and weaknesses of their products and services are hidden in the processes with which they contributed to manufacturing or supply. AutoJ’s process design platform takes into account the requirements of the ISO 9000 series of standards and extends them through a process-based view. You can easily integrate and execute existing processes, documents and key performance indicators in QM software using the automated model of documents loading. Define approvals, responsibilities, and areas of validity in a traceable manner and provide quality-assured content. The software also supports you with reports automatically generated (eg. QM Manual) and evaluations during audit preparation and identification of potential for improvement. Citeste mai mult

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