Digital Transformation Suite

The power of operational and customer excellence towards the success of ambitious projects through the first goal driven digital transformation platform !


Digital transformation suite

Documenting the existing processes in the company is a necessary step, but not enough for digitization. For a truly successful digital transformation, these processes must be executable and updated in real time according to the dynamics of your business.

AutoJ products – In any combination, for any situation!

The great benefits of implementing AutoJ



Because no application or tool can completely replace the human activity, AutoJ gives you a complete autonomy over your own business through a combination of components, capable of exposing you to a complete image of all activities, as well as through ideas for process improvement with the help of new developed algorithms.
pillars_cropped_360 Holistic view

Holistic view 360°

Whether you run part of your business manually, work in Excel, or have purchased multiple applications in which your data is scattered and often duplicated or tripled, your customer's interaction with your own company is one. AutoJ gives you total control over processes and data, giving you the ability to react to changing customer behavior in real time.
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Integration & fast response

In a period dominated by uncertainty and with rapid changes, many of them caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, to be able to react to both legislative and internal changes is starting to be both a necessity and an advantage, that can propel you in front of the competition. Based on the decision engine offered by AutoJ through the integration made with those from Camunda, you can adapt to the new requirements with the help of decisions applied "on the fly" through the interface offered by AutoJ.
pillars_cropped_real time operation

Real-time operation

Forget about SLAs using our operational module which reduces your time spent on tickets by over 90%. The ability to have control and predictability over events is possible due to the quick access in AutoJ on data, processes and events stored and correlated in the same interface.
pillars_cropped_Agille colaboration

Agile collaboration

AutoJ comes to you with an implementation of the agile way of looking at it from the point of view of all participants. The Biz-dev-ops concept ensures by over 70% the improvement of the process that goes from idea to monetization. The main reason why this improvement is possible is because of the collaboration in AutoJ platform of all the departments involved, each having access to all the necessary data, according to the role.
pillars_cropped_Planning - predict

Know your business

Adapt your way of working according to your needs! AutoJ provides you with real-time information about the duration of processes, of each activity, the cost of each activity, and many more, so that managers in each department can make informed decisions about middle and long-term planning, cost efficiency, allocation of people, cost and time required for new processes.
pillars_cropped_Become Paperless

Become Paperless

In collaboration with the AI | Document Management solution, AutoJ offers you the possibility to get rid of manual and paperwork through solutions such as digital signature, document archiving, document management, OCR and others.
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