Process management

Make possible everything considered previously impossible!

Scalability is the magic word sought by any company that not only wants to maintain the business on the waterline, but also to excel being always one step ahead of the competition. Process management applied to your type of business and the organizational structure of your company can be the key to the desired success.
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The 4 levels of digital maturity

We are aware that this type of maturity applies rather to every department in your organization, sometimes even to every team in a particular department. In order to have an overview of these things, each aspect must be analyzed, thus creating a holistic picture of the processes that generate a digital transformation throughout the company. The first level, which we call “one man show”, is represented by those processes that are still carried out on paper. Thus, the person or team currently holding the file, also has the status of the process. For this level, scalability is impossible because there can be no parallelization at the level of process actors. Level 2 of maturity is represented by the companies or teams that have taken a step forward in order to scale things up. They added information in systems such as excel tables, so they can access information faster. What is impossible to achieve in this case is the Citeste mai mult

We achieve our goal with Process Management just like an IT company

Following the example of Goldman Sachs, IT is starting to be the new direction of all businesses. Whether you are in the public domain, banking, healthcare, utilities etc., both information and business processes become digital. But how do we achieve this considering that our business has evolved over time? Many of our internal processes are still in physical format, others are held on excel or on “long gone” applications. The solution to this problem is not simple at all. For each process, information must be analyzed such as the business area impacted, the departments related to the process, the IT systems that are involved. It must also be understood what other processes or sub-processes have been used.
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Redesign business processes with Auto-J software

As Oscar Wilde put it, “The truth is rarely pure and never simple”. Fortunately, AutoJ offers solutions capable of solving all the problems mentioned above. From tracking all the teams involved in the project in one place to providing information about the IT systems related to the process, AutoJ helps you get an overview of all the events happening in your company. Also, to make things more efficient and reduce costs, AutoJ will provide you with information about the duration of each process, the average execution of a specific task and can go as far as an analysis of the efficiency of the execution of each task. So, every time you want to implement a new process, you can know in advance useful information to make a plan and an estimate of the new idea, without going through the high costs and long time you had to endure before.

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