Process automation

When many hours become a few minutes!

The need for efficiency, scaling and automation of things has never been more obvious than during this period, the main factor we must recognize is the crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Accelerates business processes, minimizes mistakes, reduces costs. But how?

Automation is one of the most commonly used words lately by all organizations. We hear all around us about automations, that it has reduced execution time by over 90% and that in addition to reducing costs, it has allowed employees to use their time in a much more useful way than copying data from one place to another. But is this automation so easy and error-free? The best answer to this question was given by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, when asked a few years ago about this topic, he answered as follows: “Automation applied to inefficient processes will only increase inefficiency!” This means that in order to start using automation we must first know the status quo, where we start from and especially where we want to go. But how can we do this in a smart way?

By intelligently using digital process automation you are closer to the solution!

In a world where more and more people are talking about automation, digitization, robots, artificial intelligence, for people who are not working in this domain, these “buzz words” mean everything and nothing. From our point of view, WeFlowNow, which created the AutoJ and Ai | DocumentManagement platforms, the main purpose of companies offering IT products must be to help customers understand their needs. Knowing the need, customers will have clarity in choosing the necessary platforms, thus being able to give up what is no longer useful. A director from a former company I worked with had a story about the chaos created around new technologies and how some companies can take advantage of this. The story sounds as follows: Citeste mai mult
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Get rid of the expensive projects that span a long period of time. Automate business processes with Autoj.

To avoid these automation pitfalls, AutoJ comes towards YOU with proprietary automation modules. AutoJ gives you out of the box connections and integrations with the main tools used in IT, but also the possibility to follow these automations as an integral part of a process. This allows you to see in real time how long an automatic execution takes or if a process has been stuck on a certain step, as well as the reason for which a specific error occurred. This approach offers a long-term advantage to customers who choose AutoJ over RPA tools such as UIPATH or Blue Prism. Working with excel or physical documents can be a thing of the past using AutoJ and AI | DocumentManagement.

Descoperă produsele Suitei AutoJ

AutoJ reduce costurile cu pana la 75%
AutoJ scade timpul de executie pe taskuri repetitive cu pana la 95%
AutoJ creste viteza de implementare a noilor procese cu pana la 68%