Customers want you digitally, what do you think?

“There is only one boss here, the client. Who can fire anyone from the president downwards, spending the money elsewhere! ” – Sam Walton

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Digitization improves your business model

As Sam Walton, the founder of the largest retail chain in the world, Walmart, said, today the most important opinion is the one that the customer has about our company. Although many executives are aware of this and in addition to the fact that digitalization has become a word on the agenda, many companies and even public institutions have misunderstood this digitalization. Just exposing a graphical user interface is just a small step in the process called digitization. Many companies have a hard time understanding why their customers are leaving, some even being very old customers. What are the reasons that led to the failure of some projects and how to avoid falling into the same trap? The first reason is that at a time when most people have access to the Internet, the trend is given by IT giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, which have created certain customer expectations, some impossible to achieve in certain industries. The second reason complements the first and relates to the fact that people are more interested in how quickly you respond to requests, the quality of services, the security of collaboration with your company and other things which belong to an internal side of your company, a side that for many companies, is still misunderstood.

Everyone is talking about digitization, but where should we start?

Many companies choose to start the digital journey by purchasing well-known applications such as Camunda, SAP, Asana, Atlassian, in the hope that a single tool can digitize their entire business. Our platform offers you the formula for success in the business environment: Through AutoJ you will have a partner who values constant communication and with us you will develop continuously. Depending on the level of digital maturity of your organization at the level of department, our team of consultants at WeFlowNow can recommend different approaches and implementation based on AutoJ and AI | DocumentManagement products. Have you ever wondered what are the most expensive processes in your organization or which require the longest execution time? Through our experience in large companies and industries and with the help of internal data provided by AutoJ we come towards you with the answers to these questions.
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Achieve effectively your digitization goals with Autoj.

Because most of the time, the hardest step towards a transformation is the very first step, AutoJ offers you the possibility to make a map of the processes. With this map you have a clear picture of the starting point. Implementing Agile has never been easier. Our map of processes adapts every time a new information is discovered. AutoJ is based on the concept of a holistic 360 ° view of the entire business. This concept can be viewed from two angles: Inside-out – understanding and digitizing of internal processes Outside-in – realistic observation of receipts, cost reductions and the raise of customers number.

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Tool approach time with 70% faster
Involvement of new people with up to 60% extra on each process
Improving old processes by up to 50%