Process intelligence

You make everything possible that was previously considered impossible!

Scalability is the magic word sought by any company that wants not only to keep its business afloat, but also to excel by always being one step ahead of the competition. A process management applied to your type of business and the organizational structure of the company can be the keys to the desired success.

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Are the existing processes in your organization hidden?

If you were to ask your colleagues today, what tasks they have performed since the beginning of the work, duration and connection with other departments – the answer would cover more than one third of all relevant tasks? Employees can consider their own manual workflows, but without connecting to previous and next tasks of other departments. The multitude of subsequent processes that are partially run automatically by different applications, would also remain uncovered. Procedures in digital systems take place behind closed doors: you need a special tool to access them. The key to a door is Process Intelligence for discovering process data. If you changed an important instruction today – you could estimate the impact for the different processes of which it is part? You would probably make a polite assumption without being able to consider all the weaknesses and blockages in the company. Your employees Citeste mai mult

Discover the real procedures in your company through application of new technology

But what exactly is process intelligence? Surely you know the term Business Intelligence (BI) or even use such software. Maybe you also ask what added value a solution for analyzing and optimizing processes can have. The answer is perfectly clear: Business Intelligence is focused on performance outcome indicators. With BI, you can compare the result obtained with the expected result and identify the areas with potential for improvement. Process intelligence is instead focused on performance per se. Because only by analyzing and optimizing processes, will you recognize the steps by which you further increase your company’s potential. The starting point is to detect processes, collect the status quo of processes in different core systems, and describe them transparently by automated modeling. Next step is Citeste mai mult
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Discover, analyze and optimize processes with AutoJ Process mining

As a process manager, you want to constantly monitor and optimize your processes to ensure your company’s success. For this, I have integrated AutoJ Process Mining into the AutoJ digital suite. The AutoJ platform paves the way for process analysis and optimization, for process management and quality management. Its purpose is harmonization based on end-to-end process data in your organization. With the automatic process detection, the real-time process monitoring and analysis, and the simplified description of possible optimizations, you will quickly gain control over the processes in your company. Citeste mai mult

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