Digital Process Executor

 The road to execution has never been faster, DPE!


Move from documented processes instant execution as fast as you say Dpe!

DPE – Digital Process Executor helps you work twice faster!

The great benefits of implementing DPE

Turn your documentation into something executable

At the touch of a button, Digital Process Executor turns a documented process into an executable instance ready for use by any member of the process.

It benefits from the overview of all projects

Thanks to the integrations with the other DPM, DWA, DDA products, Digital Process Executor offers a clear image on all the projects in the company.

Choose the project you want to work for with a simple search

There are times when prioritization is an essential thing in everyone's profession. It benefits from the search and work organization capabilities offered by DPE.

Distribute as you please or as needed

Whether you are a manager and you have to delegate tasks, or you have to go on vacation and need help, delegate some or all of your work for a defined period of time with just a few clicks.
Discover more about the DPE Product
Digital Process Executor – DPE helps you organize both your own tasks and those of the team or company in an ingenious way, giving you the opportunity to focus on what you have to do, having the digitization always by your side.